Andrew’s Reach

John 1:41 – 42 He first findeth his own brother Simon,

Every time we see Andrew mentioned in the Bible, we see him brining someone to Jesus. Andrew found his brother Simon Peter and brought him to Jesus. In the book of Acts we read that Peter preached on Pentecost and 3000 were saved. As we continue to read the NT, we should also note all the others that were saved because of Peter’s preaching, writing and work.
Even though on the surface it doesn’t look like Andrew did much, but if we look at his fruit, we will see that he had an influence down through time until today.

Andrew ‘went’, this is a physical activity, he found his brother Peter and brought him to Jesus, these are all physical activities.
Andrew believed Jesus and went to his family (and others) and brought them to Jesus, he put an effort into what he knew was important and that was getting the gospel to people. Are you putting an effort into getting the gospel to your family, friend, or others?

What Andrew did was simple, but he had an influence on thousands, maybe millions since that day. You do not know what could happened by bringing others to Jesus. You will never know if you do not make an effort to reach the lost with the message of Jesus.
That person you didn’t witness to may have been a missionary that took the gospel to a group of people in some remote part of the world that nobody else had gone to before. You do not know. What if nobody went to them?

What you do or don’t do can and will affect others, like Andrew. Andrew brought Peter to Jesus and Peter brought thousands to Jesus. Those thousands have brought millions to Christ.
Let’s be an Andrew.

Douglas A Kossel, PhD, DH, MHC
Baptist International Leadership Development Ministry