Dr. Don Fraser


Donald M Fraser, DD, Ph.D. 

Ministry story “Commandments & Convictions” by Rex Cobb

1990 Report on the School of the Scriptures – This is the final report that Dr. Fraser gave to Dr. Tharp and Baptist Christian University.  It covers the cirriculum, the BPS work, and the Seedline development, his thinking and his reasoning for the ministry and how it should be done.

1987 Standard Plan Office

1987 Standar Plan Journal

1988 Curricula Structure Chart

1988 Chinese Development Project

Redemption Trust Plan

Letters and Reports from 1980 through 1994 – This is a series of personal letters, reports and other letters that Dr. Fraser had sent me or copied me in on that he sent to other men.

Dr. Paul Henderson


Bro. Henderson served Central Baptist Church for more than 50 years as Pastor. Over the years he has been a great pastor, teacher and writer. Dr. Henderson retired in 2008 and he currently reside in Bowie and attend Central Baptist.  Bro. Henderson has been a blessing to a great many people with his sermons, writings and his Potter’s House presentation.  The Potter’s House has been presented over 2,500 times during the past 35+ years.

Below you will find access to many of his writings and Illustrated Sermons.  We hope they are a blessing to you as they have been to us.

 Life of Christ – Teachers Manual

Life of Christ Spanish

Illustrated Messages

Miracles of Christ


Tabernacle in Booklet Layout

11 Bible Book Surveys

11 Complete Book Outlines

68 Messages

Union Bible Study


We have been given permission by The Union Bible Study Association to post their materials here for others to use.  I have used some of their outlines for various teachings and preaching for over 25 years.  Some of the original outlines and studies was completed by Herbert W Bieber D.D. in the 1950’s. Since then, others have worked on and added to the outlines and studies.  The staff of Union Bible Study Association was a group of individuals that worked together to put these studies together over the years.  As you will see, in the later series, there are not any names on the material.  

I only knew of the outlines though Series 7, but there are outlines and studies through Series 12.  All are now in a booklet form like how Series 1 is now (downloadable below).  As we can, we will replace the outlines (Series 2 through 7) with the complete study booklet and then add Series 8 through 12.  This takes time, we have to carefully un-staple the book, cut it in half, trim the pages and then scan the pages into a PDF format.  We do not have a lot of volunteers for this type of work.  Our plan is to get this project done sometime this year.

Treasures from God’s Word

Series 1 – Part 1

Series 1 – Part 2

Outlines Only

Series 2

Series 3

Series 4 (Missing lessons 1-4)

Series 5

Series 6

Series 7


We have added this section with some great material for your use and reading.  We may not agree with everything that the author has taught or written, but this material is good for consideration.

Torry Topical Textbook – RA Torry

Morning and Evening Daily Devotions – Spurgeon

The Kneeling christian – Unknown

Prayer Availeth Much – TM Anderson

The Book of Redemption – Bearing Precious Seed Global

Praying Hyde – Francis McGraw

Charles Keen – Typed out messages from the 1960’s, ’70’s & ’80’s

Vol 1

Vol 2