Baptist International Leadership Development Ministry (BILDM) is an 501(c)(3) organization formed in the state of Ohio in 2003.  The Ministry started in the late 1970's, Dr Donald Fraser and Dr Douglas Kossel started the ministry to tie together the BPS Publishing ministry, the Bible College and the To Every Creature Campaigns under one organization at Wyldewood Baptist Church in Oshkosh Wisconsin. The institute and some if it’s training has been available and used since the late 1970’s.  Douglas A Kossel, PhD, is currently the President and Director.

Baptist International Leadership Development Ministry (BILDM) & Baptist International School of the Scriptures (BISOS) are ministries of training, helps and resources for the local churches, missionaries and individuals.  The goal of the ministry is to provide the resources to help in the training, strengthening, encouraging and development of ministry leaders worldwide.


BISOS is where we currently have the primary emphasis, because the need is great for good fundamental materials and training.  Training our current leaders and our upcoming leaders in the doctrinal foundations of the Word of God is necessary.  To strengthen their foundations in the Word of God is our requirement, PS. 71:17-18.  Churches are becoming more apostate every day, and many do not even understand what they are doing is wrong.  The preaching and teaching of the whole Word of God has been dropped by the wayside years ago.  The Bible is only partially taught in the churches today for fear of upsetting or offending someone.  All the while there are thousands that die daily only to spend eternity in Hell.  Very few Christians attend Bible School to become a missionary or any type of full-time worker.  Many former Bible colleges are no more than liberal arts colleges today.

The ministry is also providing churches with training resources for their staff, including helps with solid adult Sunday School materials.

We will also be providing tax and accounting help to ministries as requested.  Many churches are having problems with understanding the complexities of our tax system and the required filing requirements.   We have been providing this help to churches in the tax areas for over 30 years.


One of the greatest needs in the US and worldwide is the need for more churches.
In the rural areas of the US, over 60 million people live in the rural areas, and many have to drive 45 to 60 minutes or more just to get to a church, much less in finding one that is preaching the gospel.

In the US, there are many churches in the rural areas that are closing or are without a pastor.  Many of these churches cannot pay a pastor full time and the pastor may need to work a job to help care for his family.

BILDM & BISOS will be providing helps, training, encouragement, coaching and confidence to men so they can pastor these churches. We do not need less churches, but more.

The last area of the ministry in developing small local church business leaders' groups around the country that meet once a week.  As a businessman myself, being able to get together once a week with other business leaders to pray, discuss upcoming business, decisions and challenges each has, but also being able to spend some time in the Word of God learning how to conduct our business, deal with clients, employees and vendors.  The Bible is a great book to use as a guide for our businesses and our businesses are a great way to reach out to our community (local or worldwide) showing them the Love of God.

BILDM will be providing Leadership & Organizational Coaching to any Christian business owner, pastors or other Christian leader in ministry.