BISOS Mission

BISOS was formed for the purpose of providing the student with the skill, knowledge and understanding required to be successful no matter what position God has assigned to them.

The objectives are:

  1. To provide the courses of instruction in a Christian atmosphere, through on-campus classes using qualified faculty that is currently involved in a successful Christian Ministry. 
  2. To properly train men and women for Christian Service, both full and part time, and to train lay leadership.
  3. To provide the guidance and counseling in the social, financial, vocational and legal areas from the  Christian prospective.
  4. To provide the leadership necessary to help direct the students toward their assigned ministry that God  has given them.
  5. To enable the student to carry out the Great Commission in taking the gospel to the entire world.
  6. To strengthen the student against error and the subtle attacks on the Word of God.
  7. To provide the local church atmosphere of soul winning, discipleship, missions, Christian training and education.
  8.  To provide the guidance for training in the proper tent making skills and help develop those skills


Goals of personal development for each student


  1. To have a Personal Relationship with God.
  2. To have Vision of the world and God’s Ministry for them in it.
  3. To have the ability to Publish the Word of God.
  4. To have Christian Character in today’s world.
  5. To have the Attitude of going all the way to the uttermost regions unless God stops them for other service before they get there.
  6. To have a Warrior’s mentality.
  7. To have them not put the emphasis and importance only on where or how they serve, but on the Will of God.