BISOS is a local church ministry, administrated by the local church. The Board of Directors and Advisors believe it is the responsibility of the local church to train men and women for the Lord’s work.  They see the need for a school that would strengthen a student’s faith in God, strengthen the student’s convictions, and teach the student the commands of God as found in the Word of God. (KJV 1611).

The philosophy of education of BISOS is distinctly Biblical and practical.  The core curriculum and curriculum philosophy and goals were developed by a number of men over a period of 30 years.  It requires obedience to the commandments of the Lord Jesus Christ.  This obedience requires personal involvement in going into the entire world, to foreign lands and participate in getting the gospel into the hands of the lost.  No student will graduate from the school without the required obedience. 

Involvement in BISOS denotes more than being a student; it also includes the practice and teaching of being a servant, and a teacher.  BISOS is tied to international ministries that follow this philosophy and are a service to others; those that do not want to be servants as the Lord Jesus Christ was need not apply.

BISOS will provide the necessary classroom training and practical work experiences to enforce the classroom
training.  All students that attend will be required to travel to the mission field on a regular basis.  This is part of the development of the student for a worldwide ministry.  The ‘seeing and the doing’ complete the classroom training.
  The Training received in BISOS is one of the best in the world for getting the gospel around the world.   Whether the student goes on and becomes a pastor, missionary, secretary, deacon, businessman, teacher, administrator, wife or whatever God may assign, he will have a worldwide outlook and a vision of the lost needing the gospel.

One of the reasons that BISOS has been developed is to train men and women to go into the rural areas of the US and foreign countries and partially support themselves through tentmaking activities.  In many rural areas of the US, there is a great need for churches, but in many of these areas, the churches are small or would be small, thus, the congregations of these churches are not capable of supporting a pastor full time.  The Bible Schools in this country are not equipping men to take on the challenge of a small church in rural America.  These people need the gospel, just like everyone else does, but no one goes there, for lack of funding. 


This school was developed to be that training center that will train men and women to have a skill in some area as to help support themselves in these areas of America.  The same goes for missionaries going to the foreign field.  The same concept will work.  We also have 50-60 plus countries it’s impossible or almost so, to get missionaries in, but an America worker can go in and work for a company and then have very little limits on having Bible studies and personal witnessing, again, this institute is designed for those individuals.

This is not a new concept, but one as old as the Bible.  We find many illustrations of this in the New Testament and the early church was built by men and women that spread the gospel through the marketplace.  Not coming to it just to preach, but working beside other workers and being a living witness of God’s word.

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