Baptist International School of the Scriptures (BISOS) is a ministry of training, helps and resources for the local church.  The goal through the institute is to train individuals in the Word of God (KJV), the whole Bible rightly divided.  The curriculum was designed to provide the foundational training that everyone needs no matter what profession God is leading them into.  These are the basics, the foundation, the core that everyone needs to keep them solid in the future.   


This institute and all of the courses, materials and programs are dedicated to Don Fraser, D.D., PhD.

He was a man that had a vision, and a dedication, to teach the local churches of their required responsibilities from God’s word.  He got people to understand that the local church has the responsibility for the publishing of God’s word and that it is also the local churches responsibility to train up men and women to take the Gospel all the way to the uttermost as they are assigned to do so of God. He never faltered on that vision and today, local churches are responsible for publishing the Word of God by the millions in multiple languages every year.  It is now time to train others to do the same.

 The main text book is the Bible (KJV), the foundational classes are taught by going to the Bible to see what the Bible has to say about that subject not another man first.  Without a strong foundation, the building will fail at some point in the future and so it will be with individuals that do not have a strong foundation in the Word of God. 

We are seeing this happen all across this country today.  Good fundamental baptist churches turning into something that many baptist would not have tolerated just 20 or 30 years ago.  We need to get back to training individuals in the Word of God.

The Bible has clearly commanded us to do 3 things (Mt 28:19-20)

  1. Disciple the Lost
  2. Baptize
  3. Train them to do the same

There are many different ways to do this as the scriptures have shown us, showing us the full time pastor or missionary, the part time preacher, the tentmaker, the homemaker, the surrendered individual.  Each one of us has a position that God expects us to fill and this curriculum was designed to provide the training that is necessary to help any individual to be more effective in their work for God.