This catalog contains general information regarding Baptist International School of the Scriptures (BISOS) calendar, administration, admissions, graduation requirements, fees, regulations, course programs, and course offerings.  BISOS reserves the right to change any of  these, as the need arises.  Any changes to the information will be posted on the BISOS Web site and available upon request from the Admissions Office.

Baptist International leadership Development Ministry(BILDM) is a non-profit corporation, formed under the laws of the state of Ohio. BISOS is part of the BILDM. It has been created and is operated by a Local Baptist Church.  The Pastor, Board of Trustees and Directors govern BISOS.  BISOS also has a Board of Advisors to help with the curriculum, and faculty.   The Board of Regents of the State of Ohio does not certify this institution.

BISOS was founded for the purpose of training men and women with the highest form of Christian education.  From the very founding of the institute, emphasis has been placed on evangelism.  At BISOS, high standards have been established that are intended to give the student a character building philosophy and a ministry outlook on life.

Students coming to BISOS are expected to adhere to the code of conduct that has been designed for their development.  We make no apology for our rules and believe that God is pleased with what we are attempting to do here.

The spiritual life of students is an important matter, and every week there is excellent preaching in the chapel services for those attending live sessions. The on-line students will be able to listen to all recorded sessions.  All students are required to attend chapel every week.  They will find that this is one of the most educational and memorable experiences they will have during their stay at BISOS.

All of our students are encouraged to maintain their devotional and prayer life; therefore, stress is placed on the  regularity of devotions and prayer.  Satan does not vacate a Bible Institute that is attempting to do a mighty work for God, and Christians should keep themselves spiritually fit for the battle of keeping the faith and overcoming the Devil.

Non-Discriminatory Statement

Baptist International School of the Scriptures does not discriminate on the basis of race, color or national origin, in administration of its educational policies, admission policies and other school-administered programs.

The Board of Regents or the State of Ohio does not certify this institution.