The Original Curriculum for the School of the Scriptures (Seedline Curriculum) 1986*

Semester Hours Title Note
1 HourOrientation SP 1083-5 days for Pastor’s & Missionaries
1 HourSchool OrientationFor the new School Admin. & procedures
1 HourIntroduction to DoctrineNext 6 courses must be in this order They build the foundation and on each other
1 HourCommandment Doctrine of Christ
1 HourPrinciples of Christian Service
1 HourPrinciples of Teaching
1 HourChristian Principles of finance
1 HourIntroduction to Scripture Publishing
1 HourIntroduction to Foreign Distribution ServiceJudea & Samaria
1 HourTo Every Creature – Jerusalem
1 HourTo Every Creature – World & Uttermost
1 HourPreparation & Application for ServiceHow to start by love serving one another
12 Hours

*First known list that Dr. Fraser put out in a letter.

The initial curriculum changed over the next few years to include “The Doctrine of the Scriptures” and the “School Orientation” was eliminated and was left up to the new school to provide this course when they started the new school.  The “Introduction to Foreign Distribution Service” became “To Every Creature Judea” and “To Every Creature Samaria”.  Part of all of the TEC courses requires practical application and participation in different soul winning efforts and trips to other churches and the foreign field.  The “Preparation & Application of Services” was dropped and would be covered as part of the individual school curriculum programs.  In place of that course, “Word Study System of Scripture Research” was inserted.  This then became the basis for all of the Seedline Curriculum training and for each of the School of the Scriptures that was starting, whether here in the US or on the foreign field.

From this point, each school would then add the additional courses that they saw as appropriate for what they believed God would have them do.   They may only develop a part-time Bible institute that held evening and/or weekend classes or they may develop a 4 year program with multiple majors like what we did at the Wyldewood Baptist School of the Scriptures in Oshkosh, WI. It depended on a number of considerations and God’s leading for each location. 

Dr. Fraser, myself and a few other men continued to develop courses that could be used to complete a 3 or 4 year Bible Institute and made those syllabuses’ available as they were requested.  This is the material that is now being developed in a more complete form that others can use no matter where they are in the world or what type of training institute they believe they should have.  The basic courses, with the adjustments that I have already mentioned, are required and are the starting point.  Everyone needs to take these courses.  A pastor or a missionary can take these courses as a survey over a 3 to 5 day period of time or through our online video training system (live) which will be available within the next year.  The ‘in person’, or ‘live training’ is the best way to obtain this teaching, but we know this is not always possible.  The requirement after taking the survey of each of the courses will be for those individuals to teach the class in its entirety to complete the course.  This is the way it has been done since the ’80’s and it has worked, it has produced, and it has reproduced. It is also scriptural and is the application of the 3 level of teaching system that Paul instructed Timothy.

Douglas A Kossel, Ph.D.

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