Purpose & Mission

Baptist International Leadership Development Institute (BILDI) is a training institute aimed at those who own a business, that are managers, supervisors or executives within an organization or have a desire to build a skill that can be used for the glory of God.  Our goals are to help individuals to use their business not only for the purpose of support for themselves and others but as an outreach and a testimony to those that they serve.  We also have programs that will focus on developing a efficient business model and help business owners conduct their business in the most effective, efficient and christian method possible. 




 To help business people understand that they have been given unique talents from God. To be used in serving others through the useful use of goods and services and to use each interaction of themselves or their businesses to show scriptural principles and the love of Christ.



To help spread the Gospel of Christ through commerce, business and business relationships.  To develop a vision in business minded people that they can serve God through their business.  To expand their vision from local ‘what am I supposed to do?’ attitude to a worldwide, global business model.  Developing positive economic realities for themselves and the lost of this world.