About Us

This is what International Bible Baptist Educational Consortium is.  We are a combination of Bible Colleges, Bible Institutes, curriculum authors, pastors and missionaries that have come together to share our resources to help each other in training individuals all over the world.  
Our goal is to develop multiple on-line campuses to meet the needs of our members individual institutions and to create on-line campuses to train individuals on the foreign field.
We believe that every local church can provide Bible Institute training to their own members if they had the guidance, the format and the access to good KJV, Baptist in doctrine, curriculum.

The consortium consists of a group of men and organizations that have come together to share the resources that each of us has to help each other. 

But the overall goal is to have all of the curriculum available to foreign students in various languages around the world.

What We Do

Sharing Of Curriculum

We have a collection of curriculum from our consortium institutes and other sources to help your organization with it's curriculum...

Foreign Institute

We are setting up campuses and providing the curriculum and resources at a cost level that is appropriate in that culture and economy.

Sharing Of Resources

We have various resources to help your organization become as successful as possible of training your own members

Providing The Platform

We provide an award winning Learning Management System (LMS) platform

King James Version

The KJV is the only version that is allowed to be used in all of the curriculum that is available.

Baptist In Doctrine

We are unapologetic baptist in doctrine in every area

Meet the Team

Douglas A Kossel, Ph.D

Managing Director

Dr. Kossel has been involved in ministry for over 40 years

Jim Scudder Jr.

Advisor & Consortium Member

Pastor of Quentin Road Bible Baptist Church & President of Dayspring Bible College and Seminary

Dr. Phil Stringer

Advisor & Consortium Member

VP of Church Relations at Dayspring Bible College & Seminary

Dan Haifley, Th.D., D.D.

Advisor & Consortium Member

Pastor of Maranatha Baptist Church and Founder/Director of Accelerated Baptist Missions Institute and Harvest International Seminary

Dr. Doug Levesque

Advisor & Consortium Member

Founder of the Bible Nation Society

Dr. David Carr

Advisor & Consortium Member

Pastor of Shalom Baptist Church and President of Midwestern Baptist College.

James Roe

Spanish Advisor

Missionary and Director of El Instituto Biblico Berea