3 Functions

  1. Change Attitude & Set a Vision:  Think out side the box.  The definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results”. We want to move from thinking that we can only serve as missionaries or pastors full time to taking your God given business talents and using them globally as God expects you to.
  2. Development & Training: Provide the training through workshops, seminars, & classrooms in all aspects of creating, maintaining and expanding a christian based business. 
  3.  Training institute programs for all aspiring entrepreneurs.
    1.  On-site training
    2. Actual business experience and building
    3. Webinars and on-line training courses
      1. Foundational Training:  The precepts of using business to spread the Gospel. 
      2. World Economics: What is world economics and how does it work.  What are the affects on us and how can we use this knowledge to our advantage.
      3. Building & Expanding: How do we do this and maintian Biblical standards? 
      4. On Going Business: Christian sales training programs.  These programs will help to expand our abilities, exercise our minds (and bodies), and provide ideas, knowledge, technologies, and other methods to be successful in your business enterprise. 
      5. Creating Wealth for God’s Glory:  Educate business minded people on successful business models for creating wealth (No get rich quick schemes) Developing franchise, etc.  Encouraging them to use this wealth to be a blessing to others and to teach others to do what you have.  Creating a business model that can be duplicated by others here and globally. 
      6. Employer – Employee Programs:  Programs to train employers how to develop a Christian based training in their businesses.  The training will not make a difference whether it’s for a US company or a company in a foreign country.
      7. Resources & Networking:  Develop the necessary resources and network to help accomplish building  Christian business’ anywhere in the world.  This would include the formation of a foundation and also a network of venture capitalist to help in funding these businesses, especially on     the foreign field.  Building a network of business specialist that are available and willing to get involve and help and resources and time permit.